Sunday, November 13, 2016

Guess What We Did On Veteran's Day, Darlings????????????????????

                            As Martha Scott, as Adele, says in "The Turning Point," "Tradition is continuity, and continuity is tradition."  The line was actually Arthur Laurents,' but she delivered it, and this past Friday, we observed it.

                              Both my beloved and I had doctor appointments.  We both go to the same dermatologist; isn't that sweet?????????  He is on the Upper West Side, not far from Lincoln Center, which is great, for me.

                                When we were finished, I was told we were going to do something fun; something I was always talking about.  I had no idea what it was.  I admit, as we walked along Central Park South, and got closer to Fifth Avenue, I started thinking about The Pierre.  Then we pulled up in front of Sarabeth's, and  I let out a whoop!  First, I was thrilled to be going; breakfast there was something I had always wanted to try, and I had no idea there was the one on the West Side.  When I think of this place, I think of the signature one, on the Upper East Side.

                                 How fortunate this was so close by.  My beloved had researched it online, because what the hell would I know?  But what made the trip doubly touching was that, as we found it, this Sarabeth's on the space of what used to be Rumplemayer's, which, basically, was the coffee shop the Hotel St. Moritz, but was also the most glamorous ice cream parlor in the world.  Going there--which I would do on special occasions, or when my late friend, David Riley, came to town--was like stepping into a Cecil Beaton dream world I never wanted to leave.   The fountain seats, tablecloths, and napkins were all pink, as were the walls, with white, cherry tree stencils.  Oh, my God!!!!!!!!!!!  I always had the Peach Melba, which was scrumptious, and which I have never had anywhere else.  How I miss Rumplemayer's!!!!!!!!

                                  But how good, and fitting, it was to be back on the same premises, doing something I had always wanted to do.  The cuisine, now, as then was superb; I had a luscious Bellini, my beloved had a Bloody Mary.   My main course was their famous Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, which were luscious, while my  beloved a an omelette with cheddar and jalapeno peppers.  The coffee was rich. As he said, I went sweet, he went spicy.  Who needed anything else, after this meal?

                                   Oh, it was a dream moment, capped by an almost collision with Trump protester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Or what used to be called a New York Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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