Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Time To Wrap Up This Month, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              I made it to age 62; reason enough to celebrate. Changes and transitions--good ones--happening in the coming year.  I saw Mary-Louise Parker on stage. We dined at Chadwick's.

                               Then, there was this thing called the Election....but don't bring me down, darlings!!!!!!!!!

                                I saw the latest Amy Adams movie, "Nocturnal Animals."  My God, I forget to write about that.  Something else I have to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 A cherub turned 51. I can't believe it. And my beloved was with me through it all, and, with God's mercy, may he continue to be.  It's what makes these days the best of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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