Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Marcianna Steals The Show, In What Is One Of The Most Satisfying Books Of The Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                When, after "The Angel Of Darkness," it seemed Caleb Carr stopped writing about Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, and his cronies, I mourned the loss of a potentially great series, and admittedly lost interest in anything further Carr wrote. Until now.

                                  "Surrender, New York," which is about a town, not a command, puts the reader back into "Alienist" territory, only this time the period is the present, 21st Century.   The Kriezler figure is one Dr. Trajan Jones, and he has his own group of cronies, many of whom are not what they at first seem, but the most refreshing addition of all is his pet cheetah, Marcianna.  She is noble, loving and gentle, but, when the times comes, performs some real scene stealing heroics.

                                     As for the story at hand, well things have been pumped up.  A serial killer?  Forget it; there are tons of bodies of abandoned children turning up, the issue of child abandonment in this country, a conspiracy among Surrender in dealing with the matter at hand that crams so much suspense and action into its swiftly moving 598 pages that it took my breath away.  One thing I suspected, but some things genuinely surprised me.  But not Marcianna; she is a star, all the way!

                                      I hope Carr writes a sequel to this. Or give Marcianna her own series.

                                       Caleb Carr can still churn them out.  Please don't stop this time, Mr. Carr!!!!!!!!!!

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