Wednesday, July 19, 2017

And Speaking Of Music, And Hope.........................

                                   Cass Elliot, known as "Mama Cass," had a gorgeous voice.  I have been going through some spells of anxiety and depression, lately, (but not to worry, I can still write on here, and read, so I have not gone under yet.  (No Sylvia Plath or Joan Didion, for THIS raving queen!)

                                     In the 1970's, Westerns, for a brief time, incorporated pop songs onto the soundtrack to help define the story being told.  Robert Altman, in 1971's "McCabe And Mrs. Miller," proved the best at this; he used the songs of Leonard Cohen.  Even then, Altman was prepping for his masterwork, "Nashville," which appeared in 1975.  The movie "Billy Jack: used Coven's one-time hit, "One Tin Soldier."  But my favorite of these appeared in a 1973 film I never song, called "Monte Walsh."  It featured an underrated song from Mama Cass, called "The Good Times Are Coming,"

                                     The title is hopeful and affirmative.  But what makes the song work is its counter balance of sadness and hope.  The underscoring with the harpsichord, giving it a sad, circus sound, alerting listeners someone out there is aware of whatever sadness is being felt.  But the poignant lyrics sung by Cass, give the sadness a hope, telling one not to let the sadness overwhelm you, because, after all, "The Good Times Are Coming."

                                       I have been listening to this song a lot lately, and it has helped, as have meds, to make me feel better.  So, I thought I would share it with those out there, who need a bit of hope.

                                        We all do, sometimes.


Victoria Adams said... stand outside just looking in...
that is the way I have felt for most of my life
So sorry you've had a bad case of The Sads, you have plenty of company.
I wouldn't wish it on anyone though

The Raving Queen said...


I am feeling better. Holly
Golightly called them the mean reds.
Yes, the song is a minor gem. That
lyric you quoted describes my adolescence.