Saturday, July 15, 2017

Remember Eddie Munster's Woof Woof Doll?????????????????????

                                   When it came to acting, there was one thing Butch Patrick excelled at, in his portrayal of Eddie Munster.  That was projecting the attitude that he was embarrassed by the role, and would rather be anywhere else than in front of that camera.

                                   He had to dress, from the neck down, like an over aged Little Lord Fauntleroy, while his face replicated a prepubescent version of Sandra Harrison's glam look from "Blood Of Dracula.  Except Butch/Eddie was not exactly pretty.  Hell, he was not even cute.

                                  His mother must  have been a real Mama Rose.  No looks, no real talent, and the kid got this far.  It is clear, from his line readings, that he would rather live up to his stage name, being some dumb, obscure jock kid, playing sandlot baseball.

                                   But when Eddie held his doll, Woof Woof, a mini-werewolf, he stole his scenes.  Because of the doll.  Even when he implored folks on the show to "kiss Woof Woof good night," his line reading projected disinterest and embarrassment.  Woof Woof was actually a better performer than Butch.  He should have been featured on the show more.

                                    Was this doll ever manufactured?  "The Munsters" created a toy and game franchise, for a time, but I cannot recall any Woof Woofs on the market.  How I would have loved to have one.  Anyone out there know anything, feel free to let me know.

                                     I could hold him, while reading one of my favorite short stories, "The Young One," by Jerome Bixby.


Victoria Adams said...

There are many woof woofs out there, the ones commissioned by Patrick himself are like, a thousand dollars lol

The Raving Queen said...

A thousand dollars? I don't think so.
But I would love my own personal Wopof