Tuesday, July 11, 2017

That Alice Watson Was Some Piece Of Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               I am now coming down the home stretch on "Cold Case," darlings!  At Season 7, the show is beginning to seem tired, and the issues being examined aren't as fascinating anymore, maybe because they have been examined, already.

                                That's the way it has been, so far.  I am not through yet.  But, there was a glimmer of hope at the climax of "Read Between The Lines," when Alice Watson revealed herself to be some piece of Grade A motherfuckin' bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Butter wouldn't melt in Alice's mouth.  The episode starts off with she and her husband, Ken, adopting two girls, a teenager named Donalyn Sullivan, and her preteen sister Meesha.  They were daughters of some crack ho' and low life scum no one knows anything about.  One would think, with Alice and Ken adopting them, they would be safe.  But, hons, they stood a better chance on Philly's streets.

                                The Watsons have a secret.  Ken is a trucker, and is on the road a lot, but when he is not trucking, he is shacking up in sleazy motels with underage girls.  That is right, Ken is a pedophile, a predator, which explains why a seemingly healthy, 30-ish couple have no children, and Alice is one of those all-for-keeping-up-appearances types, so she looks the other way.  But glass houses eventually crash, girls, as we know.

                                Donalyn is a teenager, and all that goes with it.  She's not buying the Watsons' act.  What is more, she has some talent, on the street, as a rap artist.  The Watsons disapprove, but, the talent is there, and, when Donalyn discovers Ken's secret, after he comes on to her, she knows she has to get she and Meesha out of there.

                                 This leads to a confrontation between Alice and Donalyn in a club where Donalyn is scheduled to perform.  She is coming up in the ranks as "Sugar Dawn."  Only, she never gets to perform, because bitch Alice reveals she is not going to sacrifice her illusion of her perfect life.  She also reveals she cares more about the younger Meesha than Donalyn; the older girl was just part of a package adoption deal.  What a stone cold bitch!  But she gets colder, because, when Donalyn reveals the truth about Ken, what he did to her, and that Alice's marriage is a lie, the woman cannot handle it.  She hits Donalyn over the head with a lead pipe, killing her.  This bitch is right up there with Miss Diana Ross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  But, remember, dolls, this is "Cold Case," and Alice gets hers.  Lily, looking perfect as always, drags Alice's sorry ass off to the slammer, where she will spend the rest of her life.  No more manicured lawns for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   And the grown Meesha sees her older sister's ghost!!!!!!!!!

                                  See what happens when one constructs a life, based  on illusions?  It falls apart.  Like Alice Watson. Or Blanche Du Bois.

                                   Blanche did it more poetically.  Alice wasn't any better than the skank trash she thought she was so high above.

                                      Down the prison hole you go, Alice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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