Friday, July 28, 2017

Homosexuality In "Sleepaway Camp?" You Better Believe It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               There was a point I wanted to bring out about this film that I thought would fit the Meg post, but I discovered it deserved its own.  And that is this 1983 film's take on homosexuality.  And the questions it raised for me, on my recent viewing.

                                 I will be frank.  If you have never seen this film, stop reading, or else a lot of surprises will be ruined for you.  If you choose to read on, remember, I warned you!

                                  Everyone talks about the final scene in this film.  Many, including myself, go into it knowing what it is, but nothing can prepare one for the actuality of seeing it.  Secret revealed or not, the final image is a guaranteed freak out!

                                    What raised my eyebrows the first time, and gives me a  kick out of it when I view it again, is the nature of homosexuality in the film.  It is almost--pardon me--camped up!

                                       Of course, during the opening scene, before the boating accident, when the man pictured above calls to Peter and Angela's father, John that they have to meet "the Doc" (who turns out to be Aunt Martha!!!!!!!!!) it is not out of line to wonder who this guy is, and what is he doing here?  I know I did!

                                      Later, when Angela and Paul are making out on the beach, and she has conflicted thoughts about sexuality, the flashback image of two giggling children comes on, followed by what they are giggling over--John and his lover making out, in bed.  I love the contrast of the giggling kids, and the lovey dovey couple; this is not porno glam, and the homosexuality is so G-rated, it could be an outtake from a Disney film!

                                       But this time around, I had to wonder about something.

                                       Aunt Martha is a diabolical, but lovably eccentric bitch, who changes Peter into Angela, destroying a child's sexual identity, saying how much she has always wanted a little girl. To this day, I am not sure even cousin Ricky knew.

                                        However, in her opening scene, which is almost a monologue, Aunt Martha relates that her husband left her.  Could the man who is John's lover have been Aunt Martha's husband?  Did he leave her for him?  If so, one can understand why, but one can also understand Aunt Martha's motive for revenge, once John was out of the way.

                                         It is a whole new way to look at this film.  Many may disagree with me, or accuse me of over analyzing a piece of trash--but it such glorious trash, darlings!!!!!!!!!!--but I am now convinced the lover in the opening is Aunt Martha's ex-husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   What better way to end this post than Felissa Rose's haunting Angela stare?
                                    Look at it long enough, and it goes from annoying to chilling.  Great work,

                                    And what I also want to know is--what ever happened to Willy Kuskin, who played Mozart???????????????????


Victoria Adams said...

Idk but I read he was being picked on, just like his character, by one of his cast mates. : ((

The Raving Queen said...


Somehow that does not surprise me.
He was a type, and I am sure that was why
he was cast. If it was bullying, it should
have been stopped. If it was acting technique/character
development, that should have been made clear. Perhaps
as an adult he is reluctant to talk about the film.

I once read that the actresses playing Judy and Meg got
along really well with Felissa Rose!