Sunday, July 30, 2017

This Is The Big Summer Read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          Just when I thought I would never read anymore Holocaust stories, along comes one well worth reading.  Now, "The Nightingale" may not make the list of great works on this subject, like Isaac Bashevis Singer's "Enemies: A Love Story," or William Styron's "Sophie's Choice," but, for this summer, at least, it is the big, sprawling "Gone With The Wind" type read all us girls, including me, have been waiting for.

                                            The author can write, though not on a par with the aforementioned.  What she delivers is a sweeping, driving, narrative, about two sisters, Isabel and Vianne, their father, and loved ones, and how the war tears these three apart.  Isabel goes to work for the French resistance, while Vianne starts out as a cowering simp, and evolves into a woman stronger than even she could have imagined.  There are a couple of surprises near the end, that I never saw coming, and one scene, of separation, had me devastated.  After all the loss the sisters faced, must there now be this?

                                             The title refers to Isabel's nickname used on her missions to get pilots across the Pyrenees, and across the Spanish border.

                                              I devoured this book in a short time.  So, I am telling you, pull up a chair, have some tissues on hand, and prepare to be absorbed in this book.  It is the MUST read of this summer, not easily forgotten.

                                               Hope springs eternal, in literature, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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