Wednesday, July 12, 2017

To Hell With James Patterson's "Zoo!!!!!!!!!!!" How About 1963's "Black Zoo??????????????"

                               I have to confess I have never seen the entire film.  I have seen the famous tiger attack scene, pictured above, and I know the show is stolen by Victor, the gorilla, who was  probably the same guy inside the ape suit as in "Gorilla At Large," and "Konga."  But, after what I tell you about "Black Zoo, " darlings, I guarantee you will run and track it down.

                                  Michael Gough, knight errant of British horror for a short time--Christopher Lee was king, here, and don't forget it!!!!!!!!!--plays a zoo keeper who also heads an animal worship cult.  You have to see the scene where they hold their meetings, each holding an animal in their hands.  It's so cheesy, it is like an outtake from The Woman Eater!"

                                   However, Gough doesn't like anyone going up against him, and when they do, his cute little tiger and lions turn monstrous and kill those he tells them to.  Poor Elisha Cook, Jr., who must have badly needed the money, gets dragged into this one, playing a zookeeper who is, literally, thrown to the lions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    This was supposed to be Herman Cohen's follow up to "Horrors Of The Black Museum."  In fact, it was to be titled, "Horrors Of The Black Zoo."  I have a feeling when the distributors saw the final cut, they realized what a camp fest they had, and went with the laughs!
                                            Poor Victor.  Got his own "Wanted" poster.
                                   The publicity for this film was as cheesy as the product, itself!  It demands to be seen.

                                    Let's talk about it, again, when we have, dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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