Friday, July 21, 2017

This Scum Is Dead! Deservedly So! But Why Does His Wife Go Free????????????????

                                   This story could have been the result of too many viewings of "Double Indemnity," darlings, but Ari and Denise Squire lacked the cleverness, let alone sophistication, of Fred MacMurray, and the brilliant Barbara Stanwyck.

                                     The Squires were in debt up to their necks.  Ari's business was slowly sinking, so he came up with the brilliant idea of faking his own death, ditching Denise for a time, until she collects the life insurance.

                                     He had chosen one candidate, at work, who was more age appropriate.  But that did not work out.  So, he settled on a twenty-year-old kid, named Justin Newman, who had not been there long, needed the work, and only wanted to help out, and get ahead.

                                     So, he invites Justin to his garage, asks him to take a look under the car, and then...ooops!  Justin is  crushed.

                                     This idiot, who thinks he can pass for a young kid--which shows derangement, right there--flees, dressed in Justin's clothes, after putting his on Justin, holes up in a Missouri motel, but, when found, takes his life.

                                       Good riddance!


                                        His wife, Denise, who is still alive, was given only a year in jail!  She knew what was going on, she egged him on to do it!  And now this round heels walks the streets?

                                         Girls, if she is in your nabe, call 911, because this winner of this week's Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award, is still Grade A bitch.  She is no church lady, let me tell you.

                                         You want to know where she is?  I will tell you.  She is in Florida, hanging out at the local bar, with those other bitches--Alice Crimmins and Casey Anthony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            What a girls' club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dangerous cougars, literally on the prowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Victoria Adams said...

I guess Alice Crimmons was the Casey Anthony of her time...

The Raving Queen said...


You are so right. In a post
years ago, on Alice, I might have
described her that way. That case
was my first awareness of crime,
and peaked my interest in cases.