Saturday, July 15, 2017

How Much Tragedy Can We Stand?????????????????

                               The murder, this week, of AbbieGail Smith, 11, of Keansburg, New Jersey, triggered me, as well.

                               Another sleazy South Jersey killing.  I could just tell, from looking at the Hancock Arms apartments, which were like a cheap motel--and looks like it had been, at one time--that AbbieGail and her mother and brother were struggling, and that lowlifes lived among them.

                                 But, not since Bobby Driscoll, as Tommy Woodry, living underneath the Kellersons (Paul Stewart and Ruth Roman) has a  killer been so geographically close.  AbbieGail's killer, Andreas Erazo, lived just above she and her mother and brother.  He lived with his mother, was known to be trouble, and smoked weed, with her.  Nice, huh?  A third rate Sante and Kenny Kimes.

                                This sick bastard (and I would bet he is racist) stabbed this poor child near her home.  I don't think she was sexually assaulted--thank God!--but what this lowlife's motivations for doing this are unclear.  Two possibilities come to mind--high on drugs, or killing to curb pedophile tendencies.  Why, otherwise target an innocent 11-year-old girl?  She was no Diana Ross bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Now poor AbbieGail won't get the chance to go beyond her realm.  And Mr. Erazo is looking at a lifetime stint in prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Good riddance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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