Friday, July 28, 2017

Oh, My God! Michiko Kakutani Is Leaving "The New York Times?????????????"

                               The news hit me with a shock, as I read it this morning, girls.  After 38 years--my entire adult life, if you consider this goes all the way back to my mother's death.  And it has taken me about that long to learn to pronounce and spell her damn name.

                                 Unlike the writers who both feared and revered her, I had no relationship with Kakutani.  I did not realize we were the same age, which is why The Times should pick me up for her job!  But, if any of them read what I write on here, I bet they would be VERY afraid to do so.

                                  She told it like it was.  She was an excellent writer, so I enjoyed reading her reviews.  I did not take them seriously, or agree with her all the time.  But, whenever a new book came out, I did wonder what she would eventually say about it.

                                   According to "Vanity Fair," she is taking a buyout, because she does not like the way The Times has restructured its Book Section.  That last part has a familiar ring, doesn't it, darlings????????  "'Et tu?' 'New York Times'?"

                                  Ironic this news appeared days after I posted musings on the 1980s Literary Brat Pack--some of whose works I am currently exploring, and will reveal my findings when done--and the lack thereof of one today.  Maybe, with Kakutani gone, and her replacement settled in, a new Brat Pack or Literary Scene will emerge.  Make sure I am on the cusp of it, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   The end of an era?  The start of a new one?

                                   Only The Times will tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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