Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Serial Killer, And His Acolyte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Darlings, I haven't heard the name Cosmo, since first seeing the movie, "Moonstruck," and that was thirty years ago!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it?

                                 This Cosmo, Mr. Di Nardo, along with his acolyte cousin, is responsible, around July 5, for the disappearance and deaths of  Dean Finnocchiaro, 19; Mark Sturgiss, 22; Tom Meo, 21; and Jimi Tar Patrick, 19.

                                  Let me tell you right away, girls, this whole thing triggered my inner Lily Rush.  As soon as I heard the boys were gone, and farm in Bucks County was being looked into, I knew the scenario.  Dead, buried, or eliminated by lye or fire.  Look how right I was.

                                Allegedly, it was all over drug deal transactions gone bad, or unpaid.  Well, let me tell you a thing or two; Di Nardo may have been a drug dealer, but he was more.

                                 OK, he was a diagnosed schizophrenic.  Perhaps he had been taken his meds, because in pics from 2016, he is actually decent looking, compared to his mug shot, which depicts a fat, ugly loser.  Which he is, of course.  The meds could have added weight--I know something about that, myself!!!!!--but schizophrenia is not an excuse for killing.  Having this illness does not give one a propensity to murder.  That comes from someplace deep in the psyche.  Di Nardo was described as having violent tendencies, he was fond of hunting, and he killed animals.  These are all textbook signs of a serial killer, which makes him more dangerous than being a small time, garden variety drug dealer.  His family background ought to be looked into.  Those parents.........

                               What interests me, and makes Di Nardo even more creepy, is that, save for one, his victims were all attractive, slender male youths.  It would seem to me he has great issues with his sexuality, with a tendency to homosexuality he would rather not acknowledge, so he obliterates it, he thinks, by killing.  Think back to John Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer.

                                 Nothing more dangerous than a closet case, I say.  As for cousin Sean Katz, he is just a pathetic acolyte.  It is obvious from his delicate skin, and that weak look in his eye.  He would do anything anyone tells him.  This will come in handy, in the slammer, when the inmates order him to model crotch-less panties for them, or else he will be plugged.  Hell, he will be plugged, anyway.

                                  Speaking of Hell, Mr. Di Nardo is headed there.  But not till he spends the remainder of his life in prison.  If turned lose on society, I guarantee he will kill again.

                                    Catching scum like this is always fortunate.  It is just too bad it was four victims too late.

                                      But no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Victoria Adams said...

I so agree; call it what it is... Pure Evil.

The Raving Queen said...

I am defending drug dealers, but
it is my understanding they do not
get so violent so often.

Dealing is the least of it;
I maintain he is a serial killer!

Yes, he is Pure Evil.

The Raving Queen said...

Sorry. That should have been "I am not defending drug dealers."

Randaleese said...

If pot had been legal there, these young men would most likely still be alive