Thursday, July 13, 2017

"Yuh Haf Gotta Try Duh Twiple Twee Flav'oed Fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                               Let me start, girls, by saying I just LOVE the Jaiya commercial, because it is such a hoot!  Not since the Huntington Learning Center spot has a Long Island accent been so entertaining.  The girl, center, is the one who speaks the line in the heading, but she is no ethnic babe; her manner and bearing are straight outta Lon-Gisland!!!!!!!!!!!!  If she is ethnic, then I am Zita Johann.

                               I happen to enjoy Thai food, once in awhile, but, until this ad started airing, I had never heard of these places--one on Gramercy, the other on the Upper East Side--but I can tell you by the cheap looking ad, and the faux exoticism of the dishes displayed, I wouldn't set foot in this joint!
The fish in the special mentioned in the ad are fresh--straight from the Gowanus Canal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               At least this business has a good sense of humor, to provide viewers with as entertaining an ad as possible.  And I hope that girl in the center is getting her residuals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                But authentic Thai cuisine??????????  You have GOT to be kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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