Friday, July 21, 2017

Don't Let This Baby Faced, Sociopth Serial Killer, Fool You!!!!!!!!! His Youth's Gone, And He Is Out On The Street!!!!!!!!!!

                                  On Halloween--October 31, 1985, Joseph Fordham, at sixteen, hunted and killed 11-year-old Mary Stiles, in Baytown, Texas, near Houston.  This sick kid, whose sister was a friend of Mary's, which is how he most likely got the idea, was linked also to another killing of another same aged child, a girl, in an adjacent town.  Which proved he had not only killed, but he would kill again.

                                   He was convicted, and given a twenty five year prison sentence.  This was bad enough--far too lenient.  But what happened was worse.

                                    Fordham was released after eight years, due to Texas prison over crowding.

                                    Mary's older sister, Carrie, now a journalist, got in touch with Fordham's grandmother, who helped her keep tabs on him.  Soon enough, he was on the lam, found by investigators in a hotel, where the adult man now tried to kill himself.

                                      If they hadn't found him, he would be gone, now.  As it is, let us hope he is off the street.  Permanently.

                                      This last event happened in 2014.  If Fordham was 16 in 1985, he would have been 45, then.  To journalist Carrie Stiles, he revealed a bit of remorse.  When asked why he wanted to end his life, he replied because the punishment for what he did to her sister, was not long enough.

                                        Which caused Stiles to forgive him.  You are better than I am, Carrie.   I would be wondering about the cold comfort dished out.  Was it calculating?

                                          Even if not, Fordham deserves to be behind bars permanently.  Who knows what triggered him to kill, when young?  It only indicates he could be triggered, again!!!!!!!!!!

                                           Rest In Peace, Mary Stiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Randaleese said...

It's disgusts me that my home state, Texas, released this murderer!! He should've been in the express lane to The Death Chamber!

The Raving Queen said...

I agree. Texas has some gorgeous
locales--I love Dallas--but has a way
of making bad administrative decisions.