Saturday, July 22, 2017

Let's Start Light--With Beyonce And Mme. Tussaud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Now, girls, you know I just love Beyoncé--but really!

                                 This whole controversy goes way beyond what they call "white" washing.

                                  Beyoncé was at her peak when she played Deena in the 2006 film, "Dreamgirls."  But that was eleven years ago, and let me tell you, with all the chowing down she has been doing at Burger King, Beyoncé could not even fit into the costume pictured, or any of the ones she wore as Deena.

                                   If the Beyoncé statue is to be fixed, the hips have to be enlarged.

                                   Oh, yes, because,

                                    "I seen Beyoncé at Burger King,
                                      I seen Beyoncé at Burger King,
                                      I seen Beyoncé, at Burger King.

                                      And she was eatin'.
                                      And she was eatin'.
                                       And she was eatin'.

                              Beyoncé has made Burger King iconic.  Which has done wonders for the company, but not her figure.  One more Whopper, and she will be doing a bus-and-truck tour as Effie Melody White!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               So, if Beyoncé is to be made accurate, enlarge those grease and fat engorged hips!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 And dress her in a Burger King uniform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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