Thursday, July 27, 2017

Meet My Friend, Bocci!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Girls having been on here long enough have seen Cujo, heard about Stinkie, Roxie, Seamus, and, of course, Miss Chloe!

                                  Now it is time to meet my friend, Bocci.  She is a white, orange crested cockatoo, and she is the prettiest and sweetest bird.  She is owned by a pair of brothers (I think)
who live on 77th Street, just off of Third Avenue, in Bay Ridge.  The same owner(s) of Roxie, and our late, little lion, Stinky.  Following the latter's passing, Bocci has become more and more dear.

                                 Bocci and I have our own little routine.  When I pass the house, if she is out, the owner will put her on the far right railing, of Bocci will move herself, and crawl right up close to me.  She will then make soft, cooing sounds to me, while I tell her how pretty she is, and, once hearing that, Bocci puts on quite a show, preening for me. uplifting her head feathers, like a Ziegfeld show girl, showing me that gorgeous orange crest.  She turns, poses, and sometimes spreads her wings, which also show orange.  Then she stands on one claw, and extends the other out, as though waving to me.  I wave back, while talking to her.

                                Much as I love Bocci, I don't want to push it.  The owner has warned me she can bite, and look at that beak.  It could do some damage.  But I feel Bocci gets it; we understand one another, and respect our boundaries.

                                  Once she showed off for me, going to the mail box, and removing mail!

                                   Love to you, Bocci!  Maybe you should work for the U.S. Postal Service!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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