Monday, July 31, 2017

Oh, My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! July Is Over Already????????????????????

                                       Can you believe it, darlings.  Like the song says, "the Summer knows."  I haven't yet had times to warm myself on "the sands on which I lie."   God forgive me, for quoting Michel Legrand, so I will switch to Freddy Cannon.

                                          I gotta make the most of what remains of Summer.  "Time to lay out in the sun, get some beach tan, beach tan, party on the run........WHOO!!!!!!!!...June, July and August."

                                         It has been a productive month, on this blog.  I have completed my "Cold Case" project, and now I begin my Independent Bookstore Project, which take me beyond Summer.

                                          And I cannot wait to see this David Berkowitz documentary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          But, for those who need a reminder, let me bring in Freddy again

                                           See you next month, dears!!!!

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