Friday, July 21, 2017

Karen Cooper's Creator Is Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Girls, I would not be doing my job, if I failed to mention the passing, on Sunday, July 16, of "Night Of The Living Dead" director, George Romero.

                                      It is only appropriate he be remembered with a picture of Karen Cooper, brilliantly portrayed in the film by Kyra Schon.  The scene where she turns into a ghoul and stabs her mother with a trowel is one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      In Life, George Romero made Death fun.  Who can forget Judith O'Dea, as Barbara, fleeing the stalking ghoul, so out of her mind she flees into her brother Johnny's--now a ghoul, too--all too open arms.  And the woman eating the bug off the tree.

                                      I actually saw this for the first time, in, of all places, my high school auditorium.  Some club or organization--maybe it was the Film Club, I was in--had rented it, to raise money.  What I find amazing is that the stuffy administrators allowed this film into the school's hallowed halls.

                                      I had a blast with this film, and have continued to, in the years following.

                                      George may be missing on Earth--and he will be missed--but, if anyone is kicking up his heels in Death, it is he.

                                        Rest In Peace, George, as you continue to make Death fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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