Friday, January 1, 2016

A Final Remnant From 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                       Darlings, I am so sorry!  Hours after writing all of yesterday's posts, I realized I had forgotten to include Bitch Of The Year!  And I know how much you all wait for that!

                        So, here it  is. This year, it was no contest!

                        The winner is--Bill Cosby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         Now, I never could stand his sanctimonious phoniness, even in his prime.  I never imagined the depths of depravity that has recently emerged, but I can recall being nauseated by those disgusting Jell-O pudding commercials, which were mostly with little girls, whom he was probably fantasizing about their panties, once they became adults!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         Well, let me tell you something, Cos!!!!!!!!!!!  You are not getting near MY panties, now or ever!  Before things are over, you will be stripped of your money, and forced to work in a nursing home, changing other peoples' Depends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           At least, that is what I hope, you disgusting pig bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          "Get off these steps, you trashy wench!!!!!!!!!  Get off this land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                           This will be the last "honor" YOU will receive, darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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