Sunday, January 3, 2016

Here Is Where You Can Have The "Carol" Experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            You may recall a post I wrote, awhile back, saying I wanted to have the "Carol" experience--dining at an elegant restaurant, in your  best dressed Fifties finery.

                              Well, I did, and I am  happy to report, there is a place yiu can, too.

                                It is Chadwick's, in Brooklyn, on Third Avenue and 88th Street.  No, there were no overt lesbians, no surreptitious kissing, or hand holding, but who knows?  New Years' Day was my beloved's birthday, and for such an occasion we always dine at Chadwick's!  With its soft lighting, white tablecloths, and lamps on those tables, the place actually could have been used as a locale for "Carol."

                                 Which is one reason why we love it!  The other is the food!

                                   It is impossible to have a bad meal at Chadwick's and this occasion was no exception.

                                   My beloved had a crab and corn chowder appetizer. His main course was a T-Bone Steak so large and luscious I am not sure even Cujo could polish it off.  But I know he would love to try, and I would love to give one to him.  Spinach and roasted potatoes completed the sides, with a combination of vanilla ice cream and coffee gelato for desert.

                                     I went with a beautifully layered beef steak tomato and red onion salad, in a luscious dressing, followed by braised pork loin strips, boneless in a bordelaise sauce, with rice mushroom risotto.  Darlings, it was exquisite.  And for desert, I had the chocolate truffle cake, with chocolate cream oozing out, topped with vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream.

                                       There have been times, I confess, when we have walked out of there, stuffed to the gills.  You can at this place, you know.  But age and wisdom work wonders, so we chose lightly and paced ourselves.  I walked out of there, not stuffed, but satisfied!

                                        So, darlings, Chadwick's, in Bay Ridge is one the last bastions of civilization you can go, to have the "Carol" experience!

                                        It may not make you a lesbian, but you will feel as elegant as Cate and Rooney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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