Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Who Knew Isabel Gillies Could Play Something, Other Than Kathy Stabler???????????????

                               Girls, I am telling you, you have got to see "Bad Girl," the "Law And Order" episode from 1998.  This was several years before Isabel Gillies played Kathy Stabler on 'SVU,' and I am telling you, her performance as Monica Johnson--a psychopathic Goth tramp slut, who undergoes religious conversion in prison--is amazing, because who would have expected it?

                                 She is recognizable right away--the eyes, the hair, her features--but trussed up like this, there is none of the warmth and generosity that comes with Kathy, the housewife all us girls would love to be, because look at the hunk she is married to!  Tell me none of you out there have not fantasized about being Kathy Stabler, and I will sell you a landfill on Staten Island!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   The whole thing is worth it, for when Monica is carried out of the interrogation room, screaming, banging her head against the walls--Isabel really gets tossed rough here, especially when she is collared on the street--it is like she is going for the Emmy gold.  I am telling you, not even Rosanna Arquette in that recent 'SVU' episode could top the bravura work Isabel does here.

                                  So, why don't we see more of Isabel?  She has the acting chops to play Kathy, or anything she wants?  How about she and Chris Meloni in "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?"  Directed by Ellen Burstyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Let's see more of Isabel in the future. There is more to her than I ever knew!!!!!!!!

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