Saturday, January 2, 2016

Guess Who's Back In Town????????????????

                              Yesterday, as my beloved and I walked up 76th Street in our neighborhood, going past what I call Brooklyn's "Grey Gardens," wherein dwell the couple who say "We make  your dreams come true," on the Grand Prospect hall commercial, a familiar sight struck us.   It was way in the back, so my beloved saw it first, but there was no mistaking the fact.

                                 The evil, seemingly friendly dog, who tried to attack me last Summer, whom I instantly dubbed "Spawn Of Satan," is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Beware!  Do not go near this dwelling for the next several days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Maybe that is why we have not seen our favorite pooches--Cujio, Chloe, Missy, and Stinky and Roxy.  Either they know something, or they are staying far away.

                                     But none of these dogs--especially our Cujo--is afraid of anything!  If they knew this creature was back, they would do something about it!

                                       And if Spawn Of Satan vanishes again, after this weekend, you will know they did!!!!!!!!!

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