Sunday, January 3, 2016

Is This Still Around????????????????

                           While recently food shopping with my beloved, I happened to catch, on a shelf, the familiar jar of Underwood deviled Ham.  I began to wonder about their Chicken Spread, which was not present, but, when I was young, was the subject of a commercial, which,  even back then, cracked me up.

                             Does anyone remember it?  A young man is moving into Apartment 2B, in a building.  His neighbor, a clearly spinsterish single female on the make, opens her door, and says, "Oh, you're the new 2B? I'm 2A."  She then invites him in for lunch, after he hems and haws.  They are supposed to be young people, but I swear, the actors playing these roles looked like they were in their Thirties,and trying to score their big break to become the next Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Once the woman corrals him, she says, "Oh, it;'s no trouble at all.  Chicken sandwich?"
She then makes a mixture from the chicken spread, saying "And you just spread it, that's all!  And it;'s real chicken!"  I wonder how much she was paid to say that, because I can tell you, Underwood's stuff is not real!  In fact, I am not sure where it comes from which is why I never eat,

                                The hungry guy--whose heart has been won by his stomach--tells the woman how good it is--another paycheck!!!!!--and then asks her the name.  She eagerly says, "Susan. Susan Hobb. (At least, that is what the last name sounds like!!!!!!!)  Only, he says, "No, I mean this, " pointing to the sandwich.  In exasperation, she says "Underwood.  Underwood Chicken Spread."  She pauses, he munches, then looks at her and says, "Susan, huh?"  While she says "Yes...." in spinster hopefulness.

                                  Oh, hons, this ad was too much, even when it was originally aired.  So, when I saw the deviled ham on the shelf, I started wondering about this commercial.  Can I  pull it up for you?  I will try!

                                    Sorry, dears, I was unable to find it.  But if any out there recall this ad, or can pull it up, do let me know!

                                     One thing I can tell you.  Because the guy in the ad was able to swallow that crap, it was clear he was straight--a gay would have more taste--and eventually married and moved to the suburbs.   And Susan, who probably lives on stuff like this, and has a cat, either became a lesbian, or remained a spinster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       To think Underwood is still on the market!  I cannot believe it!

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