Friday, January 1, 2016

Baby New Year's Here To Stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                At least for the next 365 days.  Can you believe it is 2016????????  And a leap year???????

                                Here we are, girls, a brand new year!

                                And how about last night!  Did you see that Carrie Underwood?  What the hell was she trying to do??????  "The Sound Of Music" didn't work out for her--are you surprised????--so she is trying to find her way, and a career, with ersatz crap and make-up commercials.  And Jenny McCarthy looked like a corpse that popped up and walked out of a funeral home!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Now, our thoughts turn to--books, fashions, movies, theater--how will it all be?
Stay tuned on here, to find out!

                                  Happy New Year, girls! 2016 goes great, with coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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