Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Sure Sign Of Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Now, of course, I know today is going to be nasty, meaning I will be in here all day, at the computer, with my coffee and books, but yesterday, as the weather got nicer, and David and I were walking home along Third Avenue, we both took an instinctive glance up 77th Street, and there, atop his terrace, was Cujo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               He is Cujo to us, but Ares to his owners.   We have not seen Cujo, since last year, what with the Winter, and the weather.  I was missing him, so much.  I thought he might be away, possibly in Greece, where, I have since found out, his owners first got him.  So Cujo is Greek born, but an American citizen.

                                We first couldn't believe our eyes, when we saw him on the terrace.  At the mention of his name, Cujo's ears perked up, and as I ran toward him, a big doggy grin appeared on his face.  He was so glad to  see me, too, and he appreciated the attention and love given.  And that Cujo himself gives.  He may look intimidating, but his heart is as big and loving as his size.  He was the first dog friend we made after moving to Bay Ridge, and every year he gets a Christmas card (by way of his family) and a bone, to show how happy he makes us, especially yours truly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Great to see you back, Cujo, and welcome Spring!  Hope we see you more often, now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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