Friday, March 3, 2017

Belated Bitch Of the Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Darlings, one  of the deadliest of living creatures is the Black Widow spider.  I am certain the concept of Woman as Bitch Castrator came from the behavior of this creature.  And, over the years lethal women in crime have come to be designated "Black Widows."  Some are actual widows, some not.

                                So it is with this week's Bitch Of the Week, Melissa Friedrich.

                                She was born Melissa Russell on May 16, 1935.  She was trouble from the get go.
Her first husband, Russell Shepard, was the lucky one.  They divorced, before Melissa did anything to him.

                                Into her mid-sixties, she really stepped things up.  She married Robert Friedrich, by trolling the Internet, and the dumb lug was so fooled he moved her right in with him.  They were married, and he began having spells of sickness, and trips to the hospital, which could not be explained.  This came to an end, fourteen months later, when Robert died, and eventually it was discovered Melissa had seized power of attorney, inherited his assets, and had systematically poisoned him over time, with prescription drugs.  His sons fought back, netting them a mere fifteen thousand dollars,  This crime took place in 2000, and she was never charged with it.

                               Can you believe it?  Sick bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               In 2005, Melissa did her act again on a man in Pinellas Park, Florida.  For this she got a mere five years in prison--why not LIFE?????--and, after that, in 2012, she was charged with attempted murder on her fourth husband, Fred Weeks.  She was sentenced to a prison in Truro, Nova Scotia, where she was released on March 18, 2016?  Why does this woman keep getting released??????  And right after Chief Justice Joseph Phillip Kennedy issued a warning stating that anyone who crosses paths with her, should watch out!!!!!!!!!!!  Like, duh????????????

                              Did this even stop Melissa??????  Of course not!!!!!!!!  She made good use of the Halifax Public Library by trolling the Internet.  On April 11, 2016, she was caught, and charged with release violation.  She faces trial (or has by now; I don't know the outcome) on February 1, 2017.  I bet she is set free again.

                             My readers, of course will recall Bessie Denker, Rhoda Penmark's  grandmother, in "The Bad Seed."  Her cultured voice and appearance, plus enchanting smile got her off every time.  Melissa has this same syndrome, only it's the Vulnerable Older Woman card people can't get beyond.  Look at the evidence, folks!  It is as easy to convict this bitch, as it was Susan Smith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Hence, Melissa, you win the Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award!  You are a bitch, a murderer, and a predatory grafter, but you are no Sante Kimes!  You are just not fun and campy enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                We love you, Sante!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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