Monday, March 13, 2017

Even A Musical Has To Have A Certain Credibility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Musicals, by their very nature, are not realistic.  Street gangs of the present and the past are not going to dance with Jerome Robbins precision.  But, within the context of how the urban setting is used, combined with Bernstein's  score, and Sondheim's lyrics, this becomes believable within "West Side Story."

                              Now, I cannot heap enough praise on the visual splendor of "La La Land."  So stunning is it I would like to take individual shots, and just mount them on my wall.  But, as there are so many, how would I choose?????????????????

                                The shot above suggests what is right and wrong about the film.  The design concept of Emma Stone's room--especially the walled mural of Ingrid Bergman, is gorgeous, and who among us wouldn't want to have it--I know I would--but let's great real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Emma's character is a star struck aspirant, wanting to make it in Hollywood.  She lives on its fringes, sharing an apartment, or some kind of residence, with at least two other girls, doing the same.  All are living as young aspiring artists do--marginally!!!!!!!!!!  Darlings, when  you have not made it, it is the only way to live!

                                    Now, unless Emma and her roomies had art talent themselves, how would they design a wall mural such as this?????????  They certainly could not have it done professionally.  I have no problem with the pink pillow, or the framed film posters--you think I don't have such, in my place?????????--but, much as I would love a walled mural of something of my own choice, I have not the ability to do such a thing, or the money, myself, to afford it.

                                     Who is this film trying to kid?  Doe it think viewers are stupid?

                                      Take a look at the rest of it.  Those pink walls.  The contrasting white.  Now, maybe this is possible, but, honestly, if one is a star stuck aspirant, working in an upscale coffee shop, as some sort of barista, even if one had the ability, between work and auditions, where would one find the time???????????  I would love the film's designer come to me and do a little touch-up, but, hey, can I afford it?  Do I know folk skillful enough to do this?  I may, but honestly, with the lives they lead, how could I make such demands on them????????????????????

                                      As gorgeous as these images are, they defy character credibility, which is why "La La Land" is such a flawed disappointment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              As a final example, take a look at this!!!!!!!!!!!!   Do you think Ginger, the sister played by Sally Hawkins, in "Blue Jasmine" would have such chic???????  Now, HER place was how artistically marginal people such as this live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But this frou-frou thing??????????????

                              I would, of course, love it!!!!!!!!!!!  But don't even get me started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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