Saturday, March 25, 2017

Do Not Confuse "Trivago," With "Doctor Zhivago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                             David Lean's classic film boasts two timeless assets--snow and Julie Christie.  It does not get better than that.

                              Trivago, the hotel advisory company, has this guy who is, quite frankly, HOT.  For those who maintain that men cannot age attractively, or that an older man cannot be sexy, look no further than The Trivago Guy, who is really an actor, named Tim Williams.

                              Of course, I am sure he has to work hard to maintain this look.  But, hey, it works!

                               One ad even put him in the shower!  Beefcake, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                This is one commercial that does not annoy, as it is SO easy on the eyes!

                                 And, since its subject is hotel accommodations, this company was smart choosing this guy to be their endorser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Who wouldn't want a night in a hotel, with this guy????????????????????

                                  Pleasant dreams, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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