Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lion Or Lamb??????????? Well, It's March!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  That's right, dolls; today is the first day of March.  And Ash Wednesday, to boot!  What is wrong with this year?  Is the sun orbiting out of control.  Because it seems I just cannot keep up fast enough, what with all the events happening this year.  Maybe things will slow down, with Spring.

                                  Once upon a time, this tradition could always be counted on.  The winds of March, then the calm.  Sometimes, of course, things would reverse, but now, what with the weather, it is anyone's guess, on a day to day basis.

                                    And if March, and Lent, have arrived, Easter cannot be far behind.  And you know what that means, at this house, girls--time for the annual screening of--you better believe it!!!!!--"The Song Of Bernadette!"

                                      Then there are the Ides, this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       Be good to us, March!   We all clamor for the hope of Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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