Wednesday, March 15, 2017

"Hey, Stella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                          Remember, back when, dears, when a Blizzard was just a Dairy Queen milkshake????????  I preferred it that way, frankly.  Yesterday, while sitting, reading the American classic, "Call It Sleep," by Henry Roth, while musing, in between, on weather warm enough for cold brews, and layered ice lattes, I realized that actual blizzards--the snowstorm kind--which used to be such a rarity and big deal when I was younger, are happening frequently, now.

                           To think now they are getting named.  First it was hurricanes, now blizzards!  Yesterday's was Stella, so, of course, I turned to Tennessee Williams.

                             But, just what is going on, with this weather?  Are we approaching the dawn of the Apocalypse??????????  I hope not; I need a hair appointment, for God's sake, before things crack wide open!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             The Blizzard of 2017.  The phrase used to be benchmark, now it has become routine.

                             We will probably have another one in 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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