Friday, March 17, 2017

Darlings, Is Laura Ashley Still Out There??????????????????????

                             Back in the day, when I was young, and needed something besides theater to cheer me up, one of my greatest pleasures was to walk and peruse through a Laura Ashley store.  It was filled with things I could not afford to buy back then--hell, I am not sure I could do it, now!!!!!!!!--but to revel in all that prettiness, and fantasize about how I would decorate each room in my place, caressing the fabrics and patterns I would use, always brought me to a point of soothing ecstasy.

                             I was reminded of all this, from my recent postings on "La La Land."  It occurred to me there might not be a single Laura Ashley store left in Manhattan!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you imagine, girls??????????  There is definitely an online presence, but, to select decoratively, one has to look at the materials in person!  So, how does that help?????????
                             Just look at this living room.  Light pouring in, floral patterns--perfect for reading, entertaining, or afternoon tea.  I could do with more of pink in this equation, but that is something I would take up with my decorator.  If Laura Ashley still allows you to have one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             What is Laura Ashley, these days?  Are there stores anywhere, still, or is all just warehouse, online enterprise? Hey, at least it's out there!  But what happened to personal customizing??????????????
                         Isn't this kitchen simply divine, darlings??????????????????

                          So, Laura, get with the program!!!!!!!!!!!  Some of us out there, gay and straight, still want elegance, not grunge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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