Saturday, March 11, 2017

Speed Dial For Sicko Sex Addicts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         Sometimes, girls, I can be so naïve.  I thought phone sex lines went the way of all flesh, thanks to the Internet.  But you have you seen these Lava Life commercials????????  They are as phony as all get out!

                          A somewhat wholesome looking girl, (but one you can tell has simmering sexuality) with longish blond hair and a conservative looking dress, speaking in a voice trying to replicate the innocence of Hayley Mills, (but who would believe it???????)  tells about how, on Lava Life, she met these--get this--"really great, down to earth guys."

                           Oh, tee hee hee!!!!!!!!!!  Come on!  You met guys who were diddling themselves as you talked to them.  Probably some of them are under aged, living with their parents.  Which makes this girl a big old ho', just like Nicole Kidman in "To Die For!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                            Of course, they have numbers for different parts of the Metropolitan area, to make sure everyone out there gets equal opportunity for diddling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Meeting a life mate on a phone line???????????  Not a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Match ups were done better in "Sweet Charity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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