Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Victor Buono Cruises For Action In "Feud--Bette And Joan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                I am starting to see the underlying genius behind this series, and it is the structure.  Though clearly about Davis and Crawford--who are always highlighted by Sarandon and Lange--this series, each week, offers another performer a chance to shine.  Last week, Judy Davis clearly stole the show, as Hedda Hopper!!!!!!!!!  This past Sunday, it was Dominic Burgess--a brilliant find, if ever there was one--as Victor Buono.

                                From the show's start, I wondered about how Buono would be played, and who would do the role.  When Dominic first appeared on camera, I was stopped in my tacks--he was a dead ringer for the late actor.

                                  Well, this week, girls, he was seen cruising at some low place in Los Angeles, getting action, being busted by the cops, and getting bailed out by Bette Davis.  I never had the last two experiences, for which I should be thankful!!!!!!!!!!!!  But, hey, who wouldn't want to be bailed out of jail by Bette Davis????????????  They wouldn't mess with her at Rikers, were she alive today!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    I loved this entire sequence, which, according to what I have read, actually happened.  The sight of the heavyset Buono trolling along side these Sal Mineo wannabes was priceless, as was the dimly lit outside space, which looked like the outside of some factory, with a secret basement entrance.  Inside is a reel projector, spooling some amateur porn.  Buono and his conquest enter, where it clearly shows the obviously bottom Buono fellating the hustling young man.  I mean--holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The most explicit gay scene I have seen on network TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    It also serves to show how hard times were--even in Hollywood.  The guys never get to complete the acts they came to do, because the joint is rated.  Remember, this was 1962--very pre-Stonewall.  After that, and before the onset of AIDS, no one cared who did what where, or to whom!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And you had to have a modicum of social skill, not just keyboard, like today!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Kudos to Ryan  Murphy for incorporating this scene into the story, and to Mr. Burgess and company for performing it so well.  I cannot wait to see whom the show focuses on, next!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      But will we ever see reenactments of Julie Allred and Gina Gillespie, as the juveniles, Jane and Blanche?????????????????????????

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