Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hey, Lily, Have You Ever Seen The 2007 Film, "Teeth??????????"

                                           Time is creeping up, darlings!  I thought I saw the movie "Teeth" only a few years ago, and already this film is ten years old!!!!!!!!!!!!  When I saw what the slogan was on Lily's shirt--"This Pussy Has Teeth!!!!!!!!!"--I wondered if she had seen the film.

                                            "Teeth," which was written and directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein, son of Roy, the well known American pop artist.  It dealt with a girl named Dawn, (played wonderfully by Jess Wexler, and "Law And Order" actor Josh Pais turns up as a doctor) who suffers from a condition commonly known as "vagina dentata."  Dawn cannot have a consummate relationship, because the teeth inside her will rip the penis off any guy she meets. 

                                                I am telling you, the last scene is priceless.  And the scene where the guy loses his penis, and the dog either eats it or runs off with it is unmatched for nasty humor!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                Before you label this film sexist and misogynistic, as one who has seen it, let me say it is not.  By the end of the film, Dawn has become empowered, and men who view women as castrators are demonized!

                                                  Hey, Lily, if you have not seen this film, you should!  It is a hoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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