Sunday, March 12, 2017

Was Adam Schiff Wearing Depends, When Steven Hill Played Him On "Law And Order???????????"

                             When he was a "B" actor in the Forties and Fifties, Steven Hill was relatively decent looking, not a stunner, but someone who wouldn't break a camera lens while standing in front of it.  Unlike so many I could name.

                                By the time he as playing Manhattan DA Adam Schiff on "Law And Order," he was OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Not only that, he LOOKED old!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And he played Adam as some sort of borderline right winger, who would pander to whatever political whim out there.  Which is why I was always glad when Sam Waterson, as Jack McCoy, would stand up to him.

                                 But I have to wonder, with his age, and the character, did Steven Hill go on set, as Adam, wearing Depends???????????  I mean, how many of Adam's chairs were replaced over the years, due to...accidents???????????

                                  When he left the show, it should have had Adam going into the nursing home, carrying a box of Depends.  That would have confirmed everything.

                                    Once Fred Dalton Thompson replaced Hill, he was immediately confirmed as a solid right winger, with prostate problems.  Which was why he was such an irritant!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Cuteness did not rule in the early days of this show!  Now, it does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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