Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              It may be a great day for the Irish, but you know what?  I am just not feeling my Irish this year.  I can recall always wearing my Kelly green sweater, with a shamrock or leprechaun garnet, and, of, course, dining on corned beef and cabbage--probably the only time, all year, I eat it.

                             This year we are dining elegantly out with friends, so the whole Irish things seems moot right now.  Maybe I should watch "Gone With The Wind."  If I could find a theater today, screening it.

                             Meanwhile, I have to make an embarrassing confession.  Despite my Irish roots, and film acumen, I have never seen "The Quiet Man."  Really.  To be sure, I have seen bits and pieces, so I know all about the stunning on location color photography, which includes Maureen O'Hara's hair, as well as Barry Fitzgerald and The Ford Stock Company.  I just have never seen it all the way through.

                             Nor, in my show collection, did I ever acquire a recording of "Donnybrook," the 1961 musical of "The Quiet Man," starring Art Lund, with a book by Robert McEnroe, and a score (Music and Lyrics) by Johnny Burke.  It was A-listed; Jack Cole was its director and choreographer.  But it did not last long. It opened at the 46th Street Theatre on May 18, 1961, and closed less than two months later, on July 15.

                              Am I avoiding this story??????  Not intentionally, I can tell you.

                              Something to know--St. Patrick's Day inevitably falls sometime during Lent. and when it falls on a Friday, it is problematic, because observers are not supposed to eat meat on Friday. According to what I was taught, if the holiday falls on a Friday, meat can be eaten.  The same with us, like tonight, who are invited to a meal.  If meat is on the menu, because the venue does not observe or know about this, then meat can be eaten.  Jesus would never have offended a host who invited Him, so that is how it stands.  At least, the way I learned it!

                               Maybe I got enough of my Irish out, with "Manchester By The Sea!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                               Meanwhile, here is "It's A Great Day For The Irish," sung by that consummate artist, Judy Garland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               Happy St. Pat's, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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