Monday, March 6, 2017

Mamacita Stole The Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            I knew "Feud--Bette And Joan" would not be high art, but I am so happy it is CAMP of the highest grade.  Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange are having such fun playing the two divas that Jackie Hoffman's role as Mamacita comes off like MERYL STREEP!!!!!!!!!!!! That is right, girls.

                            Anyone who has been on here long enough knows the story.  How Joan Crawford discovered this otherwise obscure suspense novel--"What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?"--by an author no one ever heard of--Henry Farrell--and saw pay dirt in it for she and Bette.  The rest is history, and that is what was enacted last night, and will continue to be, in the next seven episodes.

                            Not that there were not some mistakes along the way.  Oh, my God; Catherine Zeta-Jones as Olivia De Havilland?  She did not look or sound anything like her.  hey, Cath, just because you won an Oscar for "Chicago" over a decade ago, does not mean you aren't washed up now!  I mean, your hubby was so desperate to work he camped it up as Liberace!  The difference was somewhere underneath all that was an actually good performance.  What have you done lately, sister, huh???????  Ryan Murphy is gay, so you couldn't have given him head to get the part!!!!!!!!!!  Who the hell came up with you, anyway??????????  And where were you dragged out from?????????

                             I hope we see children portraying Julie Allred and Gina Gillespie, who played the child Jane and Blanche.  Not only does it provide context, and sets  the whole thing in motion, but  those of us who know young Blanche's iconic line, "I won't forget!  You BET I won't forget!," realizes it foreshadows the big revelation at the climax, om the beach!

                           Next To Jackie Hoffman, Stanley Tucci scored with his portrayal of Jack Warner.  Like MERYL he is always willing to not look like Stanley Tucci for the good of the role, and it paid off here.  I LOVE when he said "I won't work with her again!  Never!"  I know what he means.  Alfred Molina did a spot on rendering of butch director Robert Aldrich, who signed his signature to what would become one of the faggiest (and we LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!) movies in film history.

                          So, "Feud--Bette And Joan" is off to a galloping start.  Whether it retains its momentum shall be seen.  But the brilliant parody of Saul Bass and "Vertigo" in the titles and opening credits was sheer brilliance, and set the tone perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Gotta go, girls!  Have to rub my face in an ice bowl, laced with Witch Hazel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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