Sunday, December 27, 2015

Can You Believe It, Girls???????????????? No "Song Of Bernadette???????????????????"

                       Now, girls, of course I know the Nativity and the Tree symbolize Christmas.  And for many--most, really--the Christmas movie of choice is either "Miracle On 34th Street," or "It's A Wonderful Life,."  But, for me, of course, who has to be different, it is "The Song Of Bernadette," whose spirituality and artistic religiosity round out any holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         But there was no sign of it, on any of the hundreds of channels to choose from!!!!!!!!!!  Would you believe one station did a 24 hour marathon of "A Christmas Story"--showing nothing , but that!!!!!!!!!!!--so why couldn't the same have been done with "The Song Of Bernadette????????

                        What is wrong with programmers?  "The Song Of Bernadette" should be shown every chance it can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           But, that was the least of it!!!!!!!!!  Our bus trip down to PA--on Bieber, a company whose name means "Bitch"-- was from Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            We were forty five minutes late, getting out of Port Authority.  First, you have to understand--with the exception of us, darlings!!!--the  lowest of New York life forms travel this bus.  Drugged out sugar brats, crack ho' moms who spend most of their afternoons passed out on couches in project developments, while their husbands, who don;'t work, go out to basketball courts, looking for a kid to beat!!!!!!!!!  That is is the sort of trash you have riding this bus, the only way for us to get to the destination we need--Norristown.

                             So, just with the clientele, there are problems.  But, additionally, we had a young inexperienced driver, who could not handle their moronic stupidity.  It seemed a group of people thought the bus was stopping in Reading, PA, and it was not.  The driver clearly informed them of that, saying he needed seven people to get off the bus, and he would take them to the Reading bus, and see they got on.  But no one would move, and it took pulling teeth to almost calling security, before this was done!  I mean, can you believe it??????????????

                               But, wait, it gets better!  A woman hysterically thought someone had stolen her suitcase from under the bus, and her husband got up, and delivered a dramatic monologue, about how he dreamed this would happen, there would be trouble on the trip, and no one was going anywhere till the suitcase was found!  So, we were imprisoned on the bus by this nut, and the male ingenue driver couldn't handle the situation.  It took two enterprising and compassionate young people to help the riled couple out--and the suitcase was where it should have been, after all.  But, in the meantime, there was a hysterical exodus of passengers worried about their own luggage!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              So, believe me, some "Song Of Bernadette" would have been welcomed!

                              But, once more, we were all together, and things went rather smoothly from there. My centenarian father made it into the house without any mishaps, and chowed down on everything .  The children behaved superbly.  Santa was good to all.

                              And we remembered other Christmases, as the elderly tend to do.  Yes, dears, in the words of Joan Walsh Anglund, I have reached that point!  Give me a rocking chair and quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              I hope your Christmas was as fun and event filled, with no journeys from Hell!!!!!!!!!!

                              But, at least the trip back was a breeze!  The travel always reverses in variation every time on this route!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              So, that was the Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!  May we have "The Song Of Bernadette" next year!!!!!!!!!!!!

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