Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Merry Christmas, From Gojira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            He is so lovable, darlings, he just wants to wish everyone on here a Happy Holiday!
Especially Sister Camille, whom he adores!

                            But, really, with our house decorated with Baby Gojira in his Christmas finery, a new house guest, Krampus, and Ramsey all decked out, our living room is a Christmas store come to life. And, like Gojira, we are having time, trying to fit everything in.

                               Do you know we have not yet been to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art Christmas Tree? My favorite one of all???????? How do I fit it in????????  We haven't seen "Carol," a MUST for gays of any gender.  Heaven help us, if only Gojira could pick us up, and carry us to our destinations.  But things don't work that way, and with everything else he has to do, he has a movie coming out this year he has to get ready for.  When you're a star, there is no rest.

                                So, on behalf of Gojira, a happy and restful Holiday to all.

                                  I cannot wait to report to my girls about "Carol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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