Monday, December 28, 2015

The Death Of A Musical Theater Legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             When my father and I saw "A Little Night Music," back in February of 1974--I was all of 19, can you believe it???? I can't!!!!!--I knew, when I saw Patricia Elliott as the Countess, that I was seeing a Musical Theater Legend.  And, once her soaring, resonant voice, which taught me a lot about vocal projection, launched into what became my favorite song in the score, "Every Day A Little Death," I was hooked--on her, musical theater, everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            It is remarkable to  know now that this was her Broadway debut.  And she won the TONY Award for it.  So, it was with sadness I learned of her passing on December 20, at  the age of 77.  Like another 'Music' costar recently deceased, Victoria Mallory--with whom she duets on 'Death'--she found a career niche in soap opera; to be specific, "One Life To Live."

                              But any self respecting Theater Queen will always recall her as Countess Charlotte Magnus Malcom, and her clarion voice that taught many of us how to sing.  Let me see if I can find this vocal gem.

                              'Night Music' has suffered its female losses.  Hermione Gingold--well, she was 74 when she did the show, Victoria a few years ago, only in her sixties, and now Patricia.  Yet Glynis Johns still fares well into her early nineties!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               Here are Patricia and Victoria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Listen, and learn, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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