Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How Low Can One Get??????? What Is It With Newark, And Stealing Baby Jesus?????????????????????

                              Nothing is worse than the abduction of s child.  But how about when that child is an effigy--specifically, the Baby Jesus?????????????

                               Have these thieves no shame????????  Every year, at Christmas time, it seems one hears about a Holy Infant being taken from a creche.  But  New Jersey has gone overboard!

                                 Within  certain areas of Newark--what is wrong with that place????--and at St. Clare's in Clifton--Clifton, where I have relatives!!!!!!!!!--there have been  multiple abductions of the Holy Infant.

                                   A saint I ain't, but I have never stopped this low.  To those perps, I say put the statues back, or else!!!!!!!!!!!!  You should be bitch slapped by all the parishioners!!!!!!!!!!  Consider this blog post the initial slap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  I wonder what Roseann Roseannadanna and Mr. Richard Fader, from Fort Lee, New Jersey, would have to say about it????????????????

                                  As for me, this is just another reason why "The Song Of Bernadette" should be shown more often, and be seen by more people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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