Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Most Satisfying Theater Experience Of The Year--"Fun Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                           Darlings, I had never read the Alison Bechdel book, but when I saw Sydney Lucas do "Ring Of Keys" on the TONY Awards, I knew I had to see "Fun Home."  My beloved and I saw it in July, with the original cast, which is indeed fortunate, though, for actors wanting to tackle these roles, I am sure the show will have a long and lasting life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Oh, my God!!!!!!!!!!  Just to hear Judy Kuhn--JUDY KUHN!!!!!!!!--sing "Days And Days" is worth it alone.  But there is so much stimulation and brilliance awaiting one at the Circle-In-The-Square that I will just sign off with the highlights and say get there ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              It will never be forgotten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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