Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Darlings, This Week, I Want To Have Luncheon, Like "Carol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                         You know we all want to do it, girls!  I want to don my French ingenue number, and go to some white linen tablecloth, Fifties style place, with table lamps, and just dine and gossip.   Just lie is done in the movie, "Carol," which, while flawed, as I have said, serves as a template for how we should all live lives of glamour!!!!!!!!!!!

                            But where to go?????????  And who to dine with????????????  Such decisions I have to make!!!!!!!!!  Kind of like Hillary Rodham Clinton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Who, by the way, needs to beef up her glamour if she is going to win,.  She's no Cate Blanchettt!!!!!!!!!  But, she surely isn't a pig, like Trump!!!!!!!!!!!

                             But, girls, remember, if I accomplish this mission, I will give you a full report!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Ta  ta, loves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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