Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Getting Bigger, As We Get Closer, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        Is any carol more comforting and soothing, than "Silent Night?"  I don't think so, which is why IO am including it now.  The sere melody, the imagery--"round yon virgin mother and child/holy infant so tender and mild!!!!!!!"--it just makes you gasp at its serene joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Which is more what the celebration of Christmas is about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        So, "Silent Night" is the emblem for today.  But whose rendering?  Just about everyone has done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Hard to top BARBRA, isn't it??????????  Haven't heard from her, all month, so here she is, doing this classic from her classic  "Christmas Album."

                            Peace, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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