Saturday, December 19, 2015

Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was Baayork In There????????????????

                           As we wind down to the big guns of the Holiday Season, musically, let us pause with a little heralded Broadway classic--the "Be A Santa" number, from "Subways Are For Sleeping."

                             This show, while not a hit, has quite a history.  It opened on December 27, 1961, at the St. James Theatre.  It got so so reviews, but lasted long enough for Phyllis Newman to win a TONY Award for her performance, and, in the chorus of the 'Santa;' number, which was staged by Michael Kidd as a ballet, was another young man named Michael--Bennett!!!!!!!!!!!  Is he in this photo?????????  And how about Baayork????????????

                               But the real story behind this show was David Merrick's Revenge.  He was peeved with the negative reviews, so he tracked down a group of folk matching the names of the critics, brought them in to see the show, then posted THEIR notices on a poster--which were raves!!!!!!!!!!  One of the greatest publicity stunts of all time!!!!!!!!!!!

                                So, before the heavy guns, let us remember this Broadway classic!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 And Michael and Baayork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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