Saturday, December 12, 2015

Even In Sepia, Krampus Looks Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        Isn't this just precious, girls?????????  I call it "Krampus Meets Currier And Ives."  It has that kind of period charm, doesn't it?

                         It's like Krampus is gathering up his batch of kiddies, to take them on a joy ride!  Wait till those kids see what they are in for!

                          I would also like to clear up an unfounded rumor that has been circulated about, ever since I started this tradition.  I never was, nor ever have been, one of "Krampus' Cuties."  None of the babies you see in these photos are me!  That is just cheap gossip!  And you know how much I abhor that!  Except when it is about someone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Just couldn't resist, loves!  But doesn't Krampus look like he's having fun???????????

                           Merry Krampus to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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