Thursday, December 31, 2015

These Two Would Be Rejected As Pig Slop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      When I set out to post the final Bitch Of The Week of this year, I had no idea I would come up with two.

                        Michael Jones, and his plug ugly, White Trash wife, Heather Jones, are charged with murder for, specifically, killing Michael's 7-year-old son, Adrian, and then feeding him to the pigs!!!!!!!!!!!!  I mean, doesn't this beat all, darlings???????  I don't blame the pigs; I blame these two; they are the REAL pigs.  And if someone were to chop up Michael and Heather--and "Good riddance!" if it was done!!!!!--I bet the pigs would have enough sense to reject their rancid flesh.

                        Michael is 44, and Heather is 29.  He has a history of violence toward her, though she looks like she could come back at him,

                          The house was filled with everything from porn films to rat poison.  It was filthy and disgusting, like they are. The pigs' sty was probably cleaner.

                             There were other children on the premises of the nearby Kansas City property; hopefully Child Services removed those abused offspring at once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             So, we end the year with REAl scum!

                             Judy Garland's Dorothy Gale survived the pig sty.  These two will NEVER survive prison.

                              Inmates have a way of evening the score with child killers!!!!!!!!!

                              So long, you trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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