Monday, December 28, 2015

Just When You Thought Television Was No Longer Annoying.......

                        .......Along come two new Connie and Jack commercials for Consumer Cellular.  That Connie; you can just tell she is some controlling bitch.  And Jack; from this picture, he looks as though he has lost weight, and not in a good way.  More like from illness.  Well, I guess that is what living with Connie has done to Jack.  She'll kill him, and collect all the residuals.

                                Why are these two so popular on the airwaves?  It is as unfathomable as Donald Trump.  This is the most self absorbed married couple I have seen, since George and Martha in "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?"  And I have no doubt Connie could easily play Martha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 As if this isn't bad enough, Geico keeps airing that annoying Peter Pan commercial, featuring this obnoxious kid named Thomas Barbusca, who is just some 12-year-old Italian kid, from New Jersey!!!!!!!!!!!  Well, he will be aging out soon, and that will be the end of his career.  But get that ad off the air, please.

                                Or, at least let the actress playing Joanne slap his face!  You can tell she wants to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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