Monday, December 28, 2015

The Murder Of Todd And Annette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 I have not written about murder on here in awhile, sweeties, but that does not mean it is not out there.  I had seen the Todd and Annette story earlier, on another ID program, but when I saw a recent airing of it on "Your Worst Nightmare," it got me to thinking.  Two innocent, sweet kids; the George and Emily of their community.  The heinous cruelty of this crime is disturbing, but so is the idea of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Few exemplify this better than Todd and Annette.  And they paid with their lives.

                                 This is what happened--

                                 Todd and Annette were actually Todd Schultz and Annette Cooper.  Annette was the stepdaughter of Dale Johnston, with whom she lived, and he was one of the first suspects in the case.

                                  Apparently, Todd and Annette had had a fight, around September 24, and went for a walk in a cornfield, in Hocking County, near their town of Logan, Ohio.  They were out for the day, making up, having a wonderful time, in what should have been a safe p[lace for the young lovers.

                                  But Doom was out to get them.  Wandering that same area were two drugged out pieces of scum, Chester McKnight, and Kenneth (Kevin) Linscott, in their twenties, and high on whatever they could get.  They crossed paths with the couple, and Linscott decided, "I'm gonna get a piece of that."  So they ambushed the couple, shot Todd in front of Annette, then chased her down, raped, and killed her.

                                  As of September 24, they were a Missing Persons case.  But what no one had realized was that, at Linscott's insistence (he had no remorse, at all!!!!!!!!!!) they got weapons, re turned to the spot, and dismembered the bodies.  Ten days later, on October 4, 1982, their torsos were found in the secluded corn field.  Nice, huh??????????

                                  Both men are in jail, awaiting the Death penalty.  They are scum, Linscott especially, though McKnight admitted to doing much of the killing and dismembering.  When I hear about scum like this, it gives me pause about the Death penalty.

                                    I mean, none of us should decide who lives and dies. But that is what these two did, and being high is no excuse!

                                    So, how does one rectify that????????????????????


Sara Pendleton said...

I'm currently reading a book titled Guilty by popular demand by Bill Osinski, it's covering the ENTIRE case. Good read but disturbing and appalling. You should check it out.

The Raving Queen said...


I was not aware a book had
been written. Thanks for the
info--I do want to read it!